Leadership training a perceived threat in Zimbabwe

By August 30, 2011

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe has been struggling for over a decade. Under current president Robert Mugabe's rule, the people have struggled with recession. That has led to an out-of-control economic collapse, 80% unemployment, and more.

However, Christian World Outreach is making a difference by providing leadership training, which is craved by many. "They're eager to hear and to learn. There's a great demand for the seminars. But what's probably held us back is the financial means to hold more seminars," says CWO's Greg Yoder.

Yoder says, "Since 2001, we've been holding leadership training with pastors from the churches and lay leaders. Since then, we've had 4,000 pastors from 50 different churches go through the training."

The training happens monthly, and not without opposition. "Any time groups meet, there's always suspicion. We get 40-50 pastors together, and there can rise the suspicion of something going on — anti-government meetings, or something like that. There is the political unrest. We've had to postpone or cancel leadership seminars because they can't gather together in groups."

The reality is: this training could change a nation, says Yoder. "As they do the leadership development, Christian men and women will rise and be a part of the solution for Zimbabwe, and they'll be involved in their communities–even in their local government."

There's another reason for biblical training: "Islam is making inroads there. So the stronger we can help the church become, the better for advancement of the Gospel."

While funding is a desperate need, Yoder is asking people to pray for safety. "Pray that we'll be able to hold the seminar and that God will provide the needed funds."


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