Lebanese grappling with accumulated trauma

By April 11, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — The pile-on of crisis after crisis in Lebanon is leading to accumulated emotional trauma. Lebanon was recently ranked as the angriest country in the world, and a hopeless fatalism pervades the country.

Triumphant Mercy Lebanon is a local Christian ministry with a finger on the population’s racing pulse.

Nuna with Triumphant Mercy explains, “With the earthquake and the fear and, of course, you know about the economic collapse, people are living in constant fear – of not being able to live tomorrow, of an impending death or something that’s going to happen, a catastrophe. They really feel that, especially the young people.

“We as an older generation, we lived through war, we lived through many things, so we’re more resilient. We kind of say, ‘Okay, I’ve been through a lot of hot issues in the past. I’ve been under bombs and under explosions and under all this, and I lived. So now, this is a new crisis and I’ll live.’ But the younger generation, they’re not equipped for that. I feel the depression, I feel the anxiety, I feel the fear.”

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

Triumphant Mercy already works with individuals and small groups in Lebanon to provide biblical trauma support. Yet, they want to help more people with a wider reach, so the idea of a trauma healing podcast was born.

Nuna says, “The trauma healing podcast would unlock people’s minds, maybe will open eyes, maybe release the tension, talk about it. When we talk about it in a podcast, it’s released is a taboo. Then [people think], ‘If they’re talking about it, I can talk about it.’”

On the podcast, they will discuss various traumas and acknowledge these very real griefs. Nuna emphasizes they will also address that hope for trauma is ultimately found in the Gospel.

“What is our solution? Where do we find peace? I cannot give peace to anyone, I cannot do anything except if Jesus is in the equation,” says Nuna. “We don’t have any other solution. Maybe in the world, there are techniques of some kind of meditation or focusing on something, but we don’t have that. What we have is Jesus.”

Pray for the Lebanese to be filled with Christ’s living hope!

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Header photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon.

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