Lebanon border conflict heightens need

By April 2, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — Over a dozen people have died so far in the latest pick-up of cross-border shelling between Israel and Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has been launching rockets toward Israel since October 8; Israel’s tit-for-tat response in the months following has displaced over 120,000 people.

“In parallel to all the conflict, there has been a lot of diplomatic shuttling between many capitals in the Middle East. The U.S. and other nations have been trying to broker some kind of talk,” Heart for Lebanon’s Camille Melki says.

“My prayer is that it would not only end this conflict but also [bring] an end to a more than 100-year-old conflict between the Arabs and Israel.”

For now, Heart for Lebanon continues its outreach to thousands of displaced families.

“What motivates us to care for people in need is the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ,” Melki says.

Family Care is about helping families in Lebanon meet their basic needs while also helping them meet Jesus, in very real and practical ways.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

“The basic food package we distribute monthly is the centerpiece of our work, but we have also provided significant help with winterization, and now [we] are looking at every opportunity to provide educational support.”

Every distribution is a Gospel opportunity. Pray for open and receptive hearts.

“We cannot forget that everything that happens in the Middle East is religiously driven,” Melki says.

“People wonder, ‘Where is God in all this mess?’ and are asking questions. [This] allows us to show them the love of Jesus Christ.”



Header graphic describes Heart for Lebanon’s 2023 response to the crisis in southern Lebanon. (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

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