Lennox sets relief plan for Chile

By March 5, 2010

Chile (MNN) — After the 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Maule, Chile, Bright Hope International sprang into action to quickly respond to the needs of victims.

Yesterday, less than a week after the quake, Bright Hope's Partnership Developer Mark Lennox arrived in Chile's capital city of Santiago. Unlike the Haiti earthquake that decimated Port-au-Prince, this quake's epicenter was around 200 miles south of the capital.

Bright Hope and Lennox are focusing their relief on the city of Concepcion, which was much closer to the epicenter and sustained more damage.

"Mark has been in contact with Christian leaders. They have created an immediate response plan to help the people in Concepcion through Bright Hope's church networks. The immediate plan is to focus on food, and medicine," said Craig Dyer, president of Bright Hope.

While in Santiago, Lennox is partnering with local churches to gather the needed food and medical supplies. Then, with the help of a grocery store owner, they will make the necessary purchases and deliver everything to Concepcion.

After this, Lennox, another pastor, and a team of Chilean volunteers will assess the damage and plan their next steps.

Bright Hope still needs your prayers and support. Click here for updates and to help.

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