The unreached in Ethiopia is the focus of WorldServe

By March 5, 2010

Ethiopia (MNN) — Reaching the lost in Ethiopia is the task at hand for WorldServe Ministries. Ethiopia has been plagued with food shortages, famine and rocked by the global economic crisis.

However, WorldServe is committed to training Christians at their new Woroncha (war-AHN-chah) Training Center in Southeast Ethiopia, says Ken Leggatt. "That training center will be equipping pastors and evangelists to reach the unreached and hard-to-reach people groups in that part of the country." In this case, they're going to be trained to reach the Muslim population of the country.

The training center opened late last month with 20 students.

Leggatt says since the region is predominately Muslim, "It's been fairly antagonistic when they go into some of these, what I'll call, restricted access communities. But, often times we've seen where there's been tremendous successes where the spirit of God is literally paving the way."

Leggatt says in some cases, visions of Christ have prepared villagers to receive their Christian guests. "Workers in the field were breaking rocks where they would see Jesus written in the rock. They would think it was odd and forget about it. Then, it would happen again. A few days later a church planter showed up, then miraculously people would be receptive to the Gospel."

Sponsoring a student will help the program grow. "Right now our sponsorship program is $100 a month. It goes toward living expenses, training and travel expenses, and many don't have the resources to get to the school. It's not just tuition."

If you'd like to help sponsor a student for $100 per month, or would like to support WorldServe in another way, click here.

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