Let the Christmas party begin!

By December 20, 2013
FHWL Headquarters (Photo Credit - For Haiti With Love)

FHWL Headquarters (Photo Courtesy For Haiti With Love)

Haiti (MNN) — Everyone loves an invitation to a fun and festive Christmas party. But what if you were in the lesser group of people and never got invited?

For Haiti With Love flips that around with their annual Christmas party. Talking with Eva DeHart, she says, “It is for the poor people. We don’t allow any rich people there. This is their special time.”

How would one know that a special Christmas party is taking place on Christmas day just for them? DeHart explains that the staff at the For Haiti With Love headquarters and burn clinic “print up invitations, and then they take them into the poorer sections of town and actually distribute invitation cards to the children so that they can come up to the party. We’ll have probably right around 600 kids at our headquarters on Christmas day.”

With that many guests, fundraising is vital. It began in August. Many donate to help get the supplies needed to make this party special to the kids. Money raised is used to purchase the food locally. She says, “We accumulate stuff State side. We buy things like the plates, the spoons, the cups, the napkins. We ball soccer balls by the case, deflated, to ship. And we buy school bags in bulk so that those things all go by either ship or by air to Capacian Haiti to be in place for the Christmas party.”

As Christmas is less than a week away now, it is too late for listeners to donate as items won’t make it to Haiti in time for the party. DeHart suggests, “Cash gifts would help with the shipping bills that are coming in.”

We can also “pray that they don’t get rained on. Pray that everyone receives the Christmas message and is firmly reminded of what the day is all about.”

Also pray that many lives will be touched this Christmas as the story of Christ is shared with the children. Pray that their hearts will be open to hearing the Gospel. Pray that their lives will be blessed from this special party For Haiti With Love is putting on just for them.

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