Libraries include much-needed resources

By August 11, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — For many pastors overseas, the biggest obstacle to their ministry is not a lack of passion, but a lack of resources. Christian Resources International has an ongoing program to help these men, called Pastor's Library. CRI collects books all the time, but this special selection of books is specifically designed for pastors. 

Several Pastor's Libraries are on their way to Honduras right now, said John Lowrey with CRI. "Many of the men that will receive these books don't even have Bibles. They're trying to shepherd a church and disciple and train and teach, and they
don't even have the simplest resources. They're the kind of books at CRI that are the toughest ones to get because people don't buy a commentary once and give it away." 

More and more pastors are writing in to get on the list for their Pastor's Library, so CRI is making a special push this month for the program. They have been blessed with friends in the publishing arena who sell them the books at a greatly reduced price. 

A single sponsorship costs just $140 and covers all the books in the Pastor's Library as well as the shipping to get the package directly to the recipient. "Of course, folks don't have to give the full $140. If they can't afford that much, anything that they give will be put toward that project. And if several people give a little bit, that would cover a library and help a pastor somewhere," said Lowrey.

Click here if you want to help much-needed resources get into the hands of pastors.   

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