Life Action Ministries hosts conference that awakens many hearts.

By April 27, 2006

USA (MNN) — The sound of weeping could be heard, men and women broken in repentance before God, seeking revival in their own lives.

That was the scene at Life Action Revival Ministries’ Heart Cry for Revival Conference held in Ashville, North Carolina last weekend, where more than 650 pastors, lay leaders and their spouses gathered to seek God and revival.

Life Action’s Byron Paulus says he sees a growing hunger for God, “Hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders have come together to cry out to God for a movement of His Spirit in our day. We see the desperation around us. There’s an urgency in the hearts of these pastors and leaders who have a burden to see God move.”

Paulus is excited to God moving in the hearts of the leaders toward revival,
“I believe God wants to reach this nation, but I believe by His power and grace, He’s beginning with the revivalists themselves, and the pastors and the leaders, and saying, ‘God, if we aren’t willing to get honest, if we aren’t willing to be broken, if we aren’t willing to humble ourselves, if we aren’t willing to repent, how can we expect our congregations or the people of God to repent. And so I am so thrilled to see what God is doing in the hearts of the leaders toward revival.”

But it’s more than just about a revival in America; it’s about God’s glory in the nations. “Across denominational spectrum, across racial lines, we’ve come together to say, ‘There is a greater mission, and if we don’t see God intervene in our nation now, we will become increasingly a reproach among the nations.'”

Paulus says, while he sees a move toward revival, there are important things that can’t be forgotten, “And we do believe there’s a growing hunger and pockets around the nation, of those who say, ‘Let’s just set aside time, however long it takes, to pray, to seek Your face. We’re so good at seeking the hand of God, and I believe that if we seek His face, we’ll see His hand, but if we seek His hand, we may miss His face.

Prayer for pastors and Christian leaders is crucial, says Paulus, and he also encourages more pastors and leaders to seek revival in their own hearts, “We need to be praying that in the midst of seeking the face of God, that our hearts will genuinely be open, and we would say, as leaders, ‘Lord, what is it that I need to obey in? Where is it I need to yield afresh? Where is it I need to repent and become broken?’ And then those prayers will be filled with the power and the presence of God, and then we’ll see the fruit of those prayers, I believe, in another Great Awakening.

Life Action holds the Heart Cry for Revival Conference every other year, but they are considering making the conference an annual event held in other cities across the US. Contact Life Action for more information.

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