Life-giving hope in South Africa

By February 11, 2016

South Africa (MNN) — In South Africa, abortion is marketed everywhere. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s accessible. But there’s a new message taking hold. It’s called, Ignite South Africa.Life Int'l logo

LIFE international recently took a team to train church leaders on the sanctity of human life and observed that the message found open ears and hearts not just among those seeking an abortion, but also among the church leaders offering the counseling.

Melinda Delahoyde, Vice President of Mission Advancement for LIFE International says, “Many times a husband or a pastor may come to us and say, ‘But I’ve sent my wife to have an abortion. Is that wrong?’ And in the midst of that training of God as the Life-Giver, He begins to speak to them about what has happened in their own life.”

Delahoyde continues, “From their own heart, they begin to say, ‘How can i share this message?’” The outcome has been positively overwhelming as groups like this one in South Africa will spread the word about the training it’s received, encouraging other groups to receiving similar training. We know there’s going to be deep transformation taking place. We want time to work with each person individually. We want time for them to ask their questions, and most of all we want Jesus Christ to work in their hearts.”

LIFE International partners with scores of churches and pregnancy care centers in more than 65 countries around the world with the objective to multiply Christ-centered, life-giving ministries wherever abortion exists or the sanctity of human life is diminished, and to see people receive new life in Christ and human lives fully restored to their God-given value. Click here to learn more about the work and impact of LIFE International.

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  • Good Day

    Wow, I have read on the work that you do and its an amazing approach. We are planning a Rally in September this year and I would appreciate any information that can help us fight against abortion. Im in South Africa.

    Stay Blessed

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