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By July 29, 2015
(Photo courtesy Students For Life via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Students For Life via Facebook)

International (MNN) – As crises clash in Greece and Turkey attacks Kurdish militia on its border with Syria, the Planned Parenthood scandal is entering its third week in the U.S.

Following the release of a third undercover video, pro-lifers rallied in more than 50 cities yesterday as part of the #WomenBetrayed movement.

According to CBN News, demonstrators were urging government officials to “investigate, prosecute, and defund Planned Parenthood.”

“This issue is one that will never go away, in the United States or around the world, because it has to do with ‘Who is a human being?’” says LIFE International’s Melinda Delahoyde.

LIFE International partners with churches and pastors in 83 nations to answer that question from Scripture. As they do, “We have over 18,000 decisions for Christ,” Delahoyde shares.

“That’s the amazing thing here: it’s the combination of the Gospel, so that hearts are healed, and the sanctity of life message, so that lives are saved. Those two always go together.”

LIFE International

Ever since God created humans in His own image, Satan has been finding ways to destroy them. As LIFE International explains on its Web site, “all people–from the unborn to the elderly–face mistreatment, bondage, marginalization, and criminal attacks in countless forms.”

Counselor training in Kenya.  (Photo courtesy LIFE International)

Counselor training in Kenya.
(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

That’s why LIFE International teams up with Christ-centered, life-giving ministries and individuals around the world. As they teach leaders about God’s design and purpose for life, those leaders spread the message to their congregations, families, and friends.

The initial message–that God loves unborn lives–catches many overseas by surprise.

“Most of them have never heard that message,” Delahoyde shares. “It’s not uncommon for us to be working with church leaders and have one of them come up and say, ‘We’ve never heard this before. We’ve never understood that God the Father loves the little babies. I’ve helped my wife have an abortion – is that wrong?’”

Around the world, 42 million unborn lives are aborted every year. You can partner with LIFE International here to help save some.

“We have 3 things that we say you can do to be involved,” says Delahoyde.


“You can join the LIFE International Global Prayer Shield,” Delahoyde explains. “Be praying for Christians around the world who are involved in helping bring life to their countries.”

Join the Global Prayer Shield here.


Training session for church leaders in Ukraine.  (Photo courtesy LIFE International)

Training session for church leaders in Ukraine.
(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

When you partner with LIFE International financially, your gift puts life-giving materials in the hands of Christians worldwide.

“We need help taking this message to countries around the world where it is not, and where there are 42 million abortions taking place every year,” Delahoyde says.

You can share this story on Facebook to help LIFE International spread the Gospel and sanctity of life message.


By becoming an International Training Specialist with LIFE International, you’ll have an opportunity to share your unique expertise and experience with other ministry leaders around the world

“We have a wonderful training program with people from churches and schools who actually go with us on trips to India, Nepal, Zambia, go with us and take that message,” says Delahoyde.

Learn more and sign up here.


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