TWR Kenya inspires listeners to action

By January 6, 2016
TWR Kenya_Uganda outreach

Kenya (MNN) — British writer William Thoms once said, “Be careful how you live; you will be the only Bible some people ever read.” Lives lived in servitude are leading to Gospel opportunities in Kenya, says Bernice Gatere.

Bernice Gatere (Photo courtesy TWR Kenya)

Bernice Gatere
(Photo courtesy TWR Kenya)

Gatere is the Executive Director of Trans World Radio (TWR) Kenya.

“People began to see that this is practical Christianity; these are people that are actually doing what they preach to us,” she explains.

“Other than the preaching of the Gospel, which is really our first call and our first love, God is using our programs in the social affairs of the people that we reach.”

Gatere points to TWR Kenya’s FM station in Garissa, Kenya as an example. On that station, she explains, they discussed child marriages and why the practice is so bad for young women.

“Girls as young as 12 are being taken out of school and married off by their fathers to men old enough to be their parents,” Gatere shares.

When one young girl heard this broadcast on TWR’s station, she took action. Going door-to-door in her neighborhood – where child marriage is a common practice – she boldly told parents the truth and encouraged them to let their girls stay in school.

“She’s become, sort of, a community ‘champion’,” says Gatere. Currently, the young girl is attending college in Narobi.

“But, when she goes on holiday, that is all she does – she advocates for the rights of the girl child.”

At another of TWR Kenya’s five FM stations, a recent program explained why WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) are vital components of everyday life. “When our station started discussing this, some of the people in that town…they started calling in,” recounts Gatere.

TWR Kenya_Uganda outreach

TWR Kenya promotes healthy living in Soroti, Uganda through Etop Radio in English and in two other local dialects.
(Photo, caption courtesy TWR Kenya)

“[They] reported the restaurants that were not clean, where waiters were not well-dressed and the hygienic practices were not being observed. Through that, the government came in and actually closed one or two of the restaurants that were not keeping the hygienic standards that had been set.”

Addressing social issues creates opportunities to share the Gospel with unbelievers. But, teaching the Body of Christ is still at the heart of TWR Kenya.

One of TWR Kenya’s long-time listeners recently connected with the ministry through a handwritten letter. He’s been tuning in since TWR began its Kenya broadcasts in 1974, and says the Bible teachings are more than “background noise.”

“He’s ready to go be with Jesus now, because he feels the ministry of TWR has prepared him for that.”

Click here to see how you can connect with TWR and help local believers around the world reach their communities for Christ. “Our call is to reach people through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God,” says Gatere.

“Anyone who is doing that and there’s a way we can partner to fulfill the Great Commission, we are open to doing that.”

Click here for specific partnership opportunities with TWR Kenya.

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