Using history to inspire Iranian house churches

By July 29, 2015

Iran (MNN) — Iran’s Christians face persecution daily, and choosing to accept Jesus Christ means living a life of secrecy and constant fear. That’s why SAT-7, a Christian satellite television to the Middle East and North Africa, created “God and the Persecuted.”

SAT-7’s goal is to equip Iran’s house churches to persevere through persecution and develop techniques of endurance.

Rev. Albert Aslan (Photo Courtesy SAT-7)

Rev. Albert Aslan
(Photo Courtesy SAT-7)

The hosts are two well-known Iranian pastors, Rev. Albert Aslan and Rev. Edward Hovsepian. They use the Gospel and stories from church history to encourage underground believers in Iran through the television program.

Each episode focuses an a certain topic relating to modern-day persecution, using stories from centuries of church history to show that this isn’t the first time that Christians have faced severe persecution, nor will it be the last.

Although there have been 2,000 years of persecution, “God and the Persecuted” notes there have also been 2,000 years of church growth.

SAT-7 is coming alongside Iranian house churches and helping them to face adversity in a godly way; getting hope, grace, and strength from a God more powerful than anything their enemies can throw at them. But that’s not all: “God and the Persecuted” will also help outsiders become aware of the severe persecution facing Iranian believers.

Photo Courtesy SAT-7

(Photo Courtesy SAT-7)

SAT-7 is asking for your prayer and support for their programs and for the Christians struggling in Iran.

Over 80 believers are known to be imprisoned in Iran simply because of their faith. Any Christian applying for a job has to specify his or her religious affiliation on the job application. That means they either deny their faith or admit their belief in Jesus Christ and go jobless at the very least.

With all the horror facing Iranian house churches, “God and the Persecuted” directly addresses the hopelessness that’s so easy to fall into, and encourages believers to persevere through the storm.

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