Light of God’s Word changes community

By March 10, 2010

Moazambique (MNN) — A mission team with Audio Scripture
says the church is growing in Northern Mozambique. 

The light of the Word, especially in audio, is really taking
hold there, and many of the new believers are excited about a Scripture distribution.  

A recent trip took the team to all 10 provinces of
Mozambique as well as Malawi, distributing 800 digital audio players. These players were enthusiastically accepted,
and the ASM team is already receiving reports of their impact and a new wave of
requests for more of these units.

ASM is seeking to respond to the rapidly growing interest
and desire for audio Scriptures. The people in Mozambique are glad for anything ASM can
send, including TapeTalk2 cassette
players, mp3 CD's, and digital Scripture players.

A shipment of tape players and equipment finally arrived in
Mozambique. Almost as soon as they
arrived, all 75 Scripture players were distributed.

Sergio, from the Crown of Victory Studio in Xai-Xai,
Mozambique, wants to establish listening programs in all 10 of the provinces. 

ASM Missionary, Chad Vanden Bosch says, "It is places and
times like this that make all the long hours and overwhelming challenges fade
away. I can see without a doubt that the Lord is using this ministry!"

Right now the most critical funding need in Mozambique is
for digital players. Digital players cost $40 each (shipping and customs
included). Pray that the Holy Spirit continues moving in Mozambique. 

If you want to help meet
this need, click here.  


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