Morocco clamps down on foreign Christians

By March 10, 2010

Morocco (MNN) — Christians around the world are puzzled by sudden recent anti-Christian activities in Morocco.

Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs says two years ago Morocco would have been called a tolerant Muslim country, but not anymore. "So far this week, we've heard of six different foreign Christians who either have been expelled from the country or are in custody awaiting expulsion."

Nettleton says, "In one case, we heard about Christians working at an orphanage who were expelled from the country, leaving all of the kids in the orphanage without supervision, simply in the custody of the government of Morocco."

21 other foreigners are awaiting deportation.

On February 4, "eleven believers (including an American), two non-believers and five children…were [held] by the Moroccan government for 14 hours."

After 14 hours in detention, the American was deported and the others were released. Authorities kept the American's laptop computer, along with Bibles, books, a laptop, a digital photo camera and a cell phone that belonged to the others arrested.

Nettleton says the new minister of justice, Mohamed Naciri, is responsible. "It's unclear if simply this new minister of justice is a more devout or more radical Muslim and wants to come against the apostasy movement, encouraging Muslims to leave Islam and follow Jesus Christ and we just don't know that much about the why right now."

Moroccan Christians are asking you to "write to our own U.S. government–which gives millions of dollars of aid to Morocco–as well as the Moroccan government in protest of these expulsions."

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