Little is Much for Pastors’ Wives

By April 23, 2007

India (MNN) — Pastor's wives gathered in February to share, pray, and learn together during a women's conference held by Bibles for the World's Mawii Pudaite.

It was well attended according to Pudaite. "These dear pastors' wives came from far and near:  some whose husbands are stationed in remote areas of the hills, walking days on foot."

Some of the topics included responsibilities at home, at the church, and serving together as husband and wife. "We also had a lady doctor who brought to us wonderful and practical information on how to take care of our bodies, which are the temple of God," said Pudaite.

Pudiate shared what God has taught her about using all circumstances as a platform to see God's love, power and wisdom. "We all go through life with all these challenges,
joyous times and difficult times. By God's grace, we can make every circumstance, good or bad, a pulpit to experience the depth of God's love. [Then we can] use that very situation to share about His love, to introduce others to Him, and to strengthen those who are already believers in Christ," Pudaite said. 

The circumstances these women face are related to the strain put on their husbands. With 300 churches and only 60 ordained pastors, they often must travel by foot to remote congregations. This leaves the wife to take care of home and church responsibilities.

The women were reminded of their identity in Christ. "They have never been acknowledged, so to speak. So here we gave them a special recognition. We loved them, we reminded them how important their lives are for the Lord and for their husbands'
ministries," said Pudaite. Many women expressed that they felt they could have been more helpful to their husbands, so Pudaite emphasized the importance of spending time with the Lord.

Pudaite desperately wanted to love and spoil the women. Though perfume and lotion were too heavy to bring from the U.S., the Lord made a way once she reached New Delhi. "I asked the Lord and he spoke to me, you know, ‘Why don't you go and get those silk scarves?'  When we gave out those silk scarves, so many of them just wept. They said, ‘I have never had anything like this in all my life,'" Pudaite said. 

"Little is much when God is in it," said Pudaite.

The ladies and preaching church elders asked that the Pudaite's do another conference soon.  You can pray "that the Lord will visit them and help them as they take care of their families and their children, and [help them] in their ministries."

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