Lives saved in the nick of time

By May 18, 2011

Armenia (MNN) — Who knew a day to celebrate teachers could turn into a day to celebrate new life in Christ?

In honor of Armenian Teachers' Day, ministry teams with JESUS Film Project visited a school to congratulate and encourage teachers for their service.

The team later was able to meet with leading teachers in numerous schools, delivering inspirational messages and taking the opportunity to share the Gospel message. Teachers were given evangelistic literature to further explore.

During one such evangelistic meeting, the Lord stirred the hearts of numerous elderly teachers when a JESUS Film team member shared the message of eternal life. As team members distributed "Magdalena: Released from Shame" DVDs and engaged in fellowship, many of these elderly teachers received the Gospel and bowed their knees in submission to Christ.

One team member told the JESUS Film Project, "We were happy to see their face full of excitement. They were very close to [leaving] this earthly life, and [they] learned what was waiting for them."

Pray that the Lord would continue to stir these hearts and the hearts of those who heard the message but have yet to accept it.

The JESUS Film Project is daily reporting similar stories of life transformation when people hear and see the story of the Christ. Learn more about the ministry here.

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