Living Water restores wells in Haiti

By October 16, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — Although recent events have shifted the attention of many Americans toward U.S. economics, there are still more overwhelming needs to be met in Haiti.

Haitians remain without food, water or shelter after three hurricane hits this summer, including the most devastating, Hurricane Ike. Many Haitians from Gonaives (a city struck particularly hard by the storms) have walked as far as 70 miles to find some semblance of normalcy, or at least to find working water pumps.

"We're starting on rebuilding wells," says Tim Mulville with Living Water International. "There are many hand pumps in that country, in that area. But a lot of them are covered with mud. So we're back in there repairing."

Of course several organizations are working in Haiti to rebuild the country, but the immediate needs of the Haitians still need to be met. This repair work needs to be finished quickly now that another storm seems to be forming. Predictions are not certain that Hurricane Nana will smother Haiti as Ike did, but even a small storm would rip apart any rebuilding that has taken place.

In light of this possible disaster, Living Water is working to train native Haitians to repair wells so they can maintain a hands-on role in the future. These locals are paid by Living Water and will continuously go back to different wells, creating lasting relationships with villagers as they go.

"By us getting in there and demonstrating in deed and action the love of the Lord, we're making footprints in there and developing relationships that will last for a long time," says Mulville.

This relational advantage is pertinent for spiritual reasons as well as physical ones. Gonaives was not only one of the most devastated cities in Haiti, but it also happens to be a center for voodoo. By selflessly serving the people of Gonaives, Living Water also has an opportunity to share the love of Christ and debunk beliefs in witchery.

Mulville seems confident of Living Water's role in the spiritual lives of the Haitians. "We'll overcome the witchcraft that's in there, and God will prevail."

If you would like to help Living Water, click here. Continue to pray for restoration of Haiti's cities, but more than that, for its spiritual awakening.


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