Logos Hope sails to Caribbean

By August 21, 2009

St. Vincent (MNN) — A new ship has come into port in the
Caribbean. And no, it is not Pirates of the Caribbean.

After a successful
tour of ports in the United Kingdom, the Logos Hope ship sailed across the Atlantic
to visit the Caribbean. The first stop was St. Vincent.

Since the retirement
of the Logos II, the islanders of St. Vincent have looked forward to the
arrival of Operation Mobilization's newest ship. In fact, over one third of the
island's population boarded the Logos Hope between July 28 and August 11
to visit the ship's educational book fair.

Crew members also
left the ship to minister to several groups in the island's community.

Assist News reports,
"Orphans and special-needs children responded excitedly when Logos Hope teams
performed fun and musical programs at their centers."

In addition to this,
crew members visited the island's 400 inmates at St. Vincent's only prison. There
they shared their testimonies and the power of God's forgiveness.

Over 100
individuals received Christ while the ship visited the
island. These new believers have since been connected with local churches.

Many of St. Vincent's
Christians also observed how the ship's crew serve Christ in unity. Crew members were invited to church services, and the island's
pastors were invited to a conference aboard the ship with an emphasis on
interdenominational co-operation and prayer.

As the ship continues
its schedule in the Caribbean, it will visit Grenada, Trinidad and Barbados.

Since their trans-Atlantic
journey, however, the ship is in urgent need of fuel. You can donate by visiting
uk.om.org/fuel or by calling 01691 776711.

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