MAF flies and shares Jesus as Northern Congo is on edge

By January 19, 2009

Congo (MNN) — In the last month or so, the terrorist group known as the LRA has inflicted a blow on northeast Congo unlike any other.

According to the Mission Aviation Fellowship program manager in Buni, Dave Jacobsson, "The LRA has gone on a complete rampage, killing left and right without any discretion. There's no need to go into details on how people are being killed, but it's absolutely horrific."

Jacobsson says they're systematically going from village to village on a killing spree. And children aren't exempt from the violence. "Anyone 10 and older will be abducted. Anyone younger than 10 is killed. What's happening is just heart-breaking."

MAF is flying people, supplies and the Gospel into these troubled areas. Jacobsson says many humanitarian groups are working in the region, but even those are at risk. "If the LRA finds out that any kind of displacement camp has been set up, they immediately attack it and take the food. So there's really no such thing as a displacement camp."

Because roads are impassable and dangerous, MAF planes are vital to the survival of the villagers.

Despite the violence in some parts, the MAF ministry in Bunia is stable and strong — so strong that MAF staff are showing the "JESUS" film. Jacobsson says the size of the crowds watching the film has been encouraging. "We draw fairly large crowds – anywhere from 300 people to as many as 2,500."

Jacobsson furthered shares that people are hungry for something spiritual. He says there's only one answer to the chaos: "The only thing that really will change in the Congo and and will make a difference in the long run is Christ and the realization that we all are sinners and need a Savior."

Only then can the country experience true reconciliation, says Jacobsson.

"There are other commercial operators who fly here in Congo, but the difference between us and them is we have the Good News and we're ready to share it when the opportunity arises."

The needs are more than MAF can handle right now. Jacobsson says  another plane and more personnel are needed. Pray that God will miraculously meet these needs through you and others like you.

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