MAF investigates crashes, prayer is needed.

By March 11, 2005

Australia (MNN) — Mission Aviation Fellowship-Australia is asking for prayer after two crashes have many people on edge. A crash February 22nd in Papua New Guinea killed the two pilots. Now another crash has happened in tsunami-hit Indonesia.

According to MAF, the cause of the first accident that killed pilots Chris Hansen and Richard West, both New Zealanders, is still under investigation. The work continues this week with a team expected back at the site on Monday. Operations in PNG will resume on Monday. Please pray as planning begins to provide services to the area, which is extremely dependant on MAF.

Meanwhile, MAF is investigating another crash. This one happened Wednesday in Aceh, Indonesia involving a GA8 aircraft. According to MAF the plane was distributing relief in the area when the it crashed.

Initial investigations indicate that the aircraft landed on an unprepared area of road, short of the landing area and contacted some debris with the left wing during landing. The wingtip was sheared off, yawing the aircraft to the left and causing the right wing to contact the ground. The aircraft then slid to a stop, destroying the landing gear in the process. Both MAF personnel onboard are safe.

MAF is thanking God for his protection, but the organization is asking believers to pray for safety as their pilots continue to fly relief and evangelistic support flights around the world.

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