MAF teams play a key role to the relief effort in Indonesia.

By January 28, 2005

Indonesia (MNN)–Mission Aviation Fellowship relief flights continue into Banda Aceh. The team is anchored in nearby Medan and Meulaboh and shuttling in relief efforts with the Caravan, MAF-UK Beaver aircraft and MAF-US Cessna 206 aircraft.

While there are many planes going into the worst hit areas, they are often filled with journalists. They arrive and the survivors gather for what they hope is help, only to be greeted by cameras and microphones. When the plane leaves, the injured and the hungry are still there.

Because MAF is not ferrying journalists into the disaster zone, focusing instead on only bringing food, supplies and medical personnel, survivors welcome their aircraft.

The teams they shuttle in are the long-term second wave of relief, usually those who help medically and with the rebuilding. In the meantime, MAF is trying to get permission to build multiple airstrips in the area, to make their help more efficient.

However, they will need foreign military help to do it before they leave. The US marine major who has been giving US activity briefings at the joint military/civilian coordination meetings indicated it was the U.S. military’s desire to help rebuild bridges and put in some airstrips along the west coast.

The work is being done to ensure that the people have access to both the Gospel and the resources that advance God’s Kingdom.

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