Mail service cancellation means more expense for ministries

By July 4, 2006

USA (MNN) — Bible Pathway Ministries, an organization that helps people read through the Bible in one year, has sent millions of their devotional and Bibles overseas. Thousands of lives have been touched because of their work. However, the distribution is facing serious change.

Bible Pathway’s Ken Sharp says, “Just in the last few months we’ve run into a problem where the politics and the economics have changed the global mailing conditions so that there are some 40 countries, where mail from the United States in many of these countries either (mail) is not able to go in at all, or they’re being really restricted.”

According to Sharp, this restricts the individual requests that come in for Bibles or Bible Pathway devotionals. He says there’s really only one answer. “The next way to do that has become global air mail, or just regular air-mail and that almost doubles the cost,” says Sharp.

The trend isn’t expect to reverse itself, says Sharp. “It’s showing us that the window of opportunities in many blocks of the world are very quickly closing. It used to be that we could try to by-pass that particular country that was having difficulty and we would send it to the surrounding country and it would be carried in.” But, now, even those countries are closing.

Bible Pathway is appealing to groups traveling on short-term mission trips to carry in these materials. “If churches are going on short-term mission trips overseas, we’re more than willing and glad to give them free Bibles and Bible Pathways that they can carry over there with their luggage.”

Sharp is asking Christians to pray, “That the Lord would just work in these countries, in the postal services internationally to help open up the doors again and make the politics and the economic changes that would be needed for the global mailing conditions to once again become more open for the Word of God to be shipped out.”

If you’d like to help fund the increasing costs of the shipping, click on the link below for contact information.

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