Make a difference in the Amhara community in Ethiopia

By September 7, 2015

Ethiopia (MNN/E3P) — Amhara is home to the beautiful Semien Mountains, the thundering Blue Nile Falls, and Lake Tana with its teeming aquatic life. The birds that fly over these national treasures also see a vast region of significant poverty in the midst of the 18 million people who live there. The beauty of the surroundings contrasts dramatically with the spiritual darkness that envelopes all but a tiny fraction the population.

As poverty gives way to desperation, many rural families in Amhara have been known to send their teenage children into neighboring countries and large cities as domestic servants. The people offering to take their children often promise income to the families in return.

Photo Courtesy E3 Partners

Photo Courtesy E3 Partners

In reality, these children are often trafficked as sex slaves. With identification papers in hand, the traffickers are able to make their victims disappear from the public eye, never to be seen again.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church gripped this region in a strangle hold for centuries, resulting in 83% claiming affiliation, followed by 17% Muslim. The .2% who profess Christ as their Lord and Savior are often subject to persecution from police and government officials.

That’s where E3 Partners comes in. They’re taking a team to Amhara to make a real difference in the lives of the people who live there. The team will work against the poverty in the area while simultaneously spreading the gospel.

The team will take two main items to share with the community: chickens and a cube.

The chickens are Rhode Island Red Hens. These chickens are known for their egg-laying capacity, which will give the families sustainability. Such a source of food and income can be a deterrent to human trafficking.

Photo Courtesy E3 Partners

(Photo courtesy E3 Partners)

The cube is called a PricelessCube. It’s one of a series of cubes designed by E3 Partners to lend a visual aid to volunteers trying to share the gospel with locals who sometimes can’t read. The PricelessCube specifically targets human trafficking, so team members will be able to use it to minister to one of the community’s most crucial struggles.

The team will also help the local church nurture relationships  in the community with the hope of  planting a church or small groups one day.

In just 10 days, team members can help local church leaders make valuable inroads and potentially prevent human trafficking, share the love of Jesus, and leave an impact that lasts for eternity.

Click here to find details about the next E3 Partners trip to Amhara.


  • germame says:

    You wanna use poverty as a means to promote your religious mission. Oh great sympathizers. Leave the people free. You are the first and last evils we know.

  • Darrel says:

    Praise the LORD for the might work you are doing. Please send me more info.

  • Dave says:

    Please don’t be ignorant. Christianity started in 1st century not in 15th.

    Ethiopian Orthodox Church has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for centuries. Orthodox Christians believes in Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord. Whatever you may say Jesus Christ Lords of Lord, Kinggs of King.

  • Lukas says:

    As Jesus has given us his life to us we too must have to sacrifice our life to brothers and sisters of Amhara people. The precious blood of Jesus is the winer. No one can hinder the message of gospels. Jesus saves! Acts 4:12

  • James says:

    I totally agree …! What this is tantamount to an attempt to create a schism within Ethiopian Christian culture. Besides, you know how the Evangelicals are in the U.S. Do you think that the EPRDF would allow this in Tigray? Probably not!

  • Your Name says:

    Brother, gospel is for life. Iis not about poverty. live in this earth for few ,but what about life after death? Where do you went after you will die? But the Bible says who believes in the Son has eternal life.

  • Human life is the most valuable thing on Earth and whatever it is that you are doing to protect the lives of these people, I applaud you.
    Agriculture in any form can creat sustainable development and income anywhere in Africa. I am a Carpenter / Landscape Gardener who love farming and if there is anything that I can do to help this cause please let me know. I’ve always wanted to go th Ethiopia. Its the land of King Selasee I.

  • sentayehu says:

    I like my country Ethiopia.

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