Malawi ministry threatened by food crisis.

By April 18, 2007

Malawi (MNN) — Teen Missions International's Malawi team has been seeing growth at the Sonrise Palms AIDS Orphan Rescue unit. Since they opened, they've taken in 14 girls. But the dorm is self-boarding, and many students are too poor to buy food to eat.  Add to that a severe countrywide shortage of maize, the main diet staple, and the situation becomes critical.

As many as three million people are believed to be facing imminent starvation. Most of those affected live in remote rural areas. The lack of food has forced many people to eat tubers and roots, many of which are poisonous. In addition, parts of the country have been hit by an outbreak of cholera, and at least 500 people have died.

Sometimes, students have to go home if they can't take care of their needs. One student, Ellena Maywecha, was forced to return to her home village due to a lack of food and soap. A family member told her he would only help her if she were close to him, so she had to go back home and is far from the school again.

Writes TMI's Samuel and Rosena Dewa, "These problems are common to orphans. They have no one to support them, and although they like living close to the school, they cannot manage to stay without support."

Many of the girls skip meals in order to stay in school. The Dewas are hard-pressed to help because there is no extra food or funds, and the girls are not open about their needs.

The girls want a chance, but are really struggling with the board they are asked to provide.  Often they begin to think they may not find such hard struggles if they go back to the home village.

Pray that God provides for their needs and the funding for the unit. Many of the girls now know Christ, and their testimonies are an example to others. Click here if you can help.

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