Malnutrition problems persist in Haiti after flooding

By May 26, 2021

Haiti (MNN) — The food security crisis in Haiti is only getting worse. Heavy rains and flooding prevented crops from getting onto people’s tables. Read more about food security issues across Central America here.

Eva Dehart of For Haiti with Love says tourists have stopped visiting the country during the pandemic, making the situation even more serious. “People simply can’t afford to eat. And malnutrition is the number one cause of death right now. It is really, really sad to watch. There are so many [organizations] that are simply too small to make an impact. We did get food in finally, just a couple of days ago.”

Burn clinic

DeHart says most of this food will go towards helping patients of the burn clinic recover from their injuries. She hopes that as the heavy rains end, people can start getting food from their gardens.

Also, pray more food aid will reach Haiti soon. “The lady that got [our food] cleared through customs said she couldn’t exactly explain how our container got cleared. Because she has three others that were in there before ours, and she still can’t get them out. That is the hand of God. I don’t know what’s in her other containers. But God obviously felt that the food was a priority.”

DeHart says few things in the world hurt more than a burn. As For Haiti with Love cares for burn victims, pray their love would lead many to trust in Jesus.



Header photo courtesy of Kelly Lacy from Pexels.