Manipur Christians: “They’re not asking for food…. They’re asking for the Word of God.”

By August 22, 2023

India (MNN) — Persecuted Indian Christians in Manipur are desperate for the encouragement of Scripture. Mission Cry is working with local partners in Manipur to deliver a sea container with Bibles and Christian books.

Reverend Jason Woolford, President of Mission Cry says, “They’re not asking for money. They’re not asking for food. They’re not asking for water. They’re asking for the Word of God – the only thing that doesn’t return void – because they know that is what’s going to make the difference.”

Ethnic violence between the majority Meitei people in Manipur and tribal Kuki-Zo Christians began on May 3. The vast majority of nearly 200 killed have been tribal Christians.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“It’s hard for us to imagine going to church and having it raided, having it burnt down,” says Woolford. “One of our biggest concerns is, ‘Are they going to have cream for the coffee during worship?’ These brothers and sisters are having their churches burnt, their homes burnt, they’re being raped all because they are Christians. Even if they’re not, they are looked at as the lesser of society.”

You can spiritually uplift our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Manipur by getting God’s Word to them.

Woolford says, “I would ask for you to please help with this container. It costs us approximately $11,000 to send this container, get it into the country, and get it taken to the areas that it needs to go. When you think about the logistics of that, there’s no greater thing to seed into.”

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Header photo courtesy of Mission India.

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