New poll says addiction affects two-thirds of Americans

By August 22, 2023

USA (MNN) — Most Americans have been affected by addiction. According to a recent poll, two-thirds of adults say either they or a family member has been addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Sadly, less than half of those who report addiction in their families say the person got treatment. Some said recovery programs were too expensive.

“If addiction is labeled a disease, there’s money to be made, and insurance will cover it. Thus, you have programs in the community that charge $10- to $20,000 for a 30-day stay,” Brandon Bower with The Lighthouse says.

The Lighthouse takes a different approach to addiction.

“We believe that it (addiction) is primarily a spiritual problem, rather than a physical or mental problem because we are worshiping the creation over the Creator,” Bower says.

“Scripture says that when we replace something that we’re created for, like a relationship with God, with something else – like relationships with drugs or alcohol – we call that idol worship.”

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“We have 28 beds for guys who struggle with addiction. It is a biblically based program, so we’re teaching guys how to restore that relationship with God as they’re dealing with their addiction,” Bower says.

“If they’re an unbeliever, then we want to share the love of Jesus with them. If they are a believer, then discipleship comes into play, and we teach them how to live with a God focus rather than a sinful, man-centered focus.”

If your loved one struggles with addiction, keep praying. Victory is possible through Christ.

“Nothing is more amazing than to see a person whose life is devastated by addictions find hope and healing through Jesus Christ.”

“When someone who was so lost finds their way through Christ, it is a vibrant testimony of what God can do.”



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