Many Iranians shun restrictive presidential elections

By June 18, 2021

Iran (MNN) — Iran’s presidential elections are being held today, but many Iranians don’t care. Politicians who promise to bring reform and fight corruption have regularly been disqualified from elections. This year, only 7 candidates out of 592 were approved to appear on ballots.

On top of all this, *Reza of Global Catalytic Ministries says, “The President doesn’t really have the power inside of Iran, because the Supreme Leader has power over every presidential election. The President has lost more and more authority. So this is going to be the most restrictive presidential election and the biggest sham, in the eyes of the Iranian people.”

Iranians have also become frustrated with the actions of their government, from violence against protesting citizens to aggression against foreign powers. Reza says, “There’s no reformers, there’s no pragmatics. Everyone’s a hardliner, and they’re all very conservative.”

Iranian Church

None of this can stop Iran’s Church, the fastest growing in the world. And that’s not because westerners are getting into the country. Reza says, “God is moving very, very powerfully. So pray that the people of Iran continue to see Jesus, and have dreams and visions of Him. Continue to pray for the believers, because I believe that whoever is elected, persecution will start again.”

Ask the Holy Spirit to pour out His grace on Iranian believers.



*Name changed for security purposes.

(Header photo courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries on Facebook)