Many South Africans hungry after looting spree

By August 6, 2021

South Africa (MNN) — Mass rioting and looting in South Africa last month wrecked shopping centers and even food supply chains. The damage left many desperately hungry. Now, experts worry the destruction could have long-term impacts on South Africa’s economy.

The riots started out as protests against the imprisonment of a former South African president on corruption charges, but they quickly spiraled into violence that killed over 300 people.

Stuart Gordon with Trans World Radio Africa says, “There’s been panic buying by a lot of people because much of the supplies cannot get to the shops. So people are storming the shops, and there are queues and queues outside shopping centers. Again, it’s not like this everywhere, but it is over much of the country.”

COVID-19 lockdowns have added to people’s financial woes, though the government has now lifted some restrictions.

How to pray

Pray for peace and wholeness in South Africa. Gordon says, “Pray for protection for us, and that people won’t take the law into their own hands. Sometimes good people want to stand up for what is right, but they do it in the wrong way. Not that we don’t have a right to protect our own lives and our families, but sometimes we maybe get carried away, so be praying that there will be calm, and that wisdom will prevail.”

Thankfully, TWR stations suffered no damage. Pray the hopeful message of Jesus’ love will combat the fear and anger in the country.



The header photo shows South Africans in line to buy food after the riots. (Photo courtesy of Rudantu, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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