Many turn to Christ despite spiritual oppression

By November 24, 2008

USA (MNN) — Doug Hutchcraft with Ron Hutchcraft
says a recent evangelism event resulted in an amazing
response. "We saw an incredible movement of God in Jamestown, New
York. There were thousands of people
attending Community Impact Week events there, with about one out of six of them
beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ." 

So what is "Community Impact
Week?" It's a very specific movement to
engage believers in reaching their cities for Christ. Split into two phases, the first part is the
Mobilization Phase. This includes several events designed specifically to
motivate and equip believers to reach the lost in their community.

The goal is to train Christians to share the Gospel with others. Believers are equipped for follow-up with
individuals who make commitments to Christ at one of the events.

About a month after the
mobilization events, Phase Two begins.
Believers from all denominations join together to bring the lost to
non-religious outreach events held in non-religious locations.

Area Christians help plan and
facilitate these outreach events targeting specific audiences including young
people, parents, and business leaders and professionals. These events include a
high-energy multi-media youth event, parenting seminar, and stress seminar.

While every Community Impact Week
has a harvest in some form, in Jamestown, Hutchcraft says, there was more born
than new Christians. "I think the
real story of what happened in Jamestown is seeing what happens when a
community of believers joins together with 45 different churches that actually
couldn't remember ever working together before these events."

It's just the beginning. Satanic
activity is prevalent, so "there's a lot of darkness in that area. So
people can pray for the new believers there, that they will really plug in
to finding where God's people are, spend time with them, that they'll plug
into God's Word, and plug into a prayer relationship with God."

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