Many turning to Christ in North Africa

By March 21, 2007

North Africa (MNN) — The increase in terrorist activity in
the name of Islam is actually having a positive affect on the number of people
coming to Christ in Islamic nations. According to Partners International,
that's especially true in North Africa.

For security reasons we're calling our contact Joseph.
Joseph works with Partners International in North Africa.  He says, "The number of Christians there
has grown significantly in numbers, in some countries like 1000-percent. I'm
assuming that most of it is because some Muslims are not happy themselves are
not happy with what other Muslims are doing."

According to Joseph, one-on-one evangelism is about the only
way to share their faith. He tells us about a man who wanted to know more about
Christ. "He took my friend an hour way into the desert where they could be
alone and after a couple of hours of listening the guys said, 'I want to be a
Christian.' And, like him, there are many."

With the large number of people turning Christ, are
authorities putting pressure on Christians? 
Joseph says, "Not yet. I believe the authorities are staying away
from all this. I believe they don't want to cause problems with the west by
targeting Christians. So, at this point we're sensing more and more

Since these are Muslim countries, being a converted
Christian is difficult, especially in your own family. "Imagine you are a
mother and a father, you've converted, you are now a Christian, but it's
difficult and almost impossible to share this with your children. Obviously
your children don't have the same security concerns, so they are going to talk
to their friends. And, I believe that's the most difficult thing for these

While one-on-one evangelism is
the best way to share their faith, Joseph says those opporunities come through,
"Holistic humanitarian activities. So, in a sense we are showing our love
and that caries a lot of weight."

Partners International is doing
that by drilling water wells, helping disabled children learn to get around and
teaching them a trade, building latrines, and providing literacy training. All
of these efforts require prayer and financial support.

You can help Partners
International do even more. Click here to help.

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