Massive quake rocks Pakistan; Christians mobilize reponse teams.

By October 11, 2005

India (MNN)–While Pakistan’s government officials continue to monitor the escalating death toll, the Southern Baptists are beginning to mount their response.

The quake triggered landslides in the region, many of which are blocking roads to the worst-hit areas. That means relief teams will have to fly aid in.

Pakistan’s army responded by flying food, water and medicine into the disaster zone. As the international relief efforts begin, they will follow that pattern until the roads are cleared.

Despite the heavy casualties in the region, no International Mission Board personnel were hurt in the quake.

However, IMB field leaders are coordinating their efforts with the World Hunger and Relief Ministries team.

As the teams move into the disaster area with humanitarian relief, pray that they would be able to meet both physical and spiritual needs with the love of Christ.

While not an overtly ‘evangelistic’ effort at the outset, the IMB teams look at every project as designed to not only meet physical needs, but also to accelerate, enhance and support evangelistic and church-planting field strategies.

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