Truth and time equal a whole village turning to Christ in Southeast Asia.

By October 11, 2005

Southeast Asia (MNN)–A missionary in Southeast Asia visited a remote village to share Christ.

The missionary met with the village chief and gave him a “JESUS” Film VCD along with a disc player and a Bible. He explained the Bible was God’s Word, and promised to answer questions.

A year later, the chief went down river in search of the man who had brought truth to his village. He found the missionary and told him everyone in the village had watched the “JESUS” film and wanted to know Christ.

The missionary then returned to the village to begin the teaching and discipleship phase. He reports the villagers were full of questions–many of them difficult to answer. But their curiousity showed a keen understanding of the function of the Gospel in their lives.

Today, there are 600 new baptized Christians in the village. Pray for them as they grow in their new faith.

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