Radio station and ministry partner to send Christian books to India

By October 11, 2005

USA (MNN) — Christian radio listeners responded generously in the United States to a call for books. WTGN and Christian Resources International teamed up together to collect used Bibles, books and bucks for believers in India. They called it the "Great Crate Project."

WTGN Station Manager Scott Young says, "We've always been associated with Christian Resources International and I think if we can get more people aware of what they're doing and the impact that they're making. I mean, how can you go wrong with something like that?"

The weekend event featured a cook-out, and live music drew dozens of listeners to the Lima, Ohio station. They donated Bibles, commentaries, and other Christian literature. They also raised money to ship the container to India.

Awareness isn't the only thing Young is concerned about. Since the Church of Scientology made the announcement they were going to flood India with literature that made him want to take action. "So many people are trying to get other materials out there that aren't proclaiming Christ as the only way of truth and of salvation, so hey; we got to fight back a little bit."

CRI's Fred Palmerton says WTGN listeners collected 8,600 pounds of material. He says, "Each one of those books will get read over and over and it'll get passed on and reused and they'll end up in seminaries. And, each one of those people will have an opportunity to meet the Lord."

Palmerton says this event was more than filling a crate full of books. "It isn't about growing radio stations, and it's not about growing ministries. It's about saving souls and reaching the lost. That's my prayer, that we just reach the lost just effectively as we can."

If you'd like to have a "Great Crate Project" in your area, click on the highlighted link above to get connected.

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