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Published on 16 April, 2010

Matching grant up to $3.8 million awarded to Food for the Hungry

Haiti (MNN) — The January 12 earthquake in Haiti brought a great deal of attention to the poverty-stricken country, but news has since died down. Unfortunately, this does not mean that Haiti has recovered; the country is still years from doing so.

Many organizations have continued to work in Haiti and plan to stay long-term. Food for the Hungry has established a ministry in Haiti and has worked so diligently that they have been noticed by the United States government.

The U.S. Agency for International Development and Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance has recognized Food for the Hungry's plans to restore Haiti back to health and has awarded them with their second-largest grant for Haiti: $3.8 million in matching funds.

This is significant, considering Food for the Hungry's strong faith basis. Rather than the government or another NGO getting the opportunity to reach out to the people of Haiti, Food for the Hungry will be able to use the funds not only to help the people of Haiti physically, but also spiritually as they share the message of Christ's love, death and resurrection.

If you have been wanting to give to Haiti relief but have yet to do so due to financial stress, now is an excellent time. A gift of $1 will turn into $20 when you give to Food for the Hungry today. $110,000 needs to be raised to unlock the $3.8 million grant, so click here to multiply your gift today.

Praise God that a godly ministry has been entrusted with the lives of up to 215,000 Haitians. Pray for wisdom as Food for the Hungry executes their rebuilding plans in Haiti and ministers to its people. Pray that many would come to Christ as a result of this work.


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