Mauritania extremists create hit-list of Christian leaders

By May 28, 2021

Mauritania (MNN) — In the Northwest African country of Mauritania, Islamic extremists have created online hit-lists of Christian leaders.

Greg Kelley of World Mission says, “It’s basically a call to warfare against people that are propagating and sharing the Gospel in Mauritania. There’s a number of key Christian leaders that we’re working with whose names are on this list. And it’s just a green light to take them out. Obviously, we need to pray for God to protect them because these are the key people that are leading the Church of Jesus Christ and advancing the Gospel in these places.”

Christians in Mauritania

The church in Mauritania is a small one. Kelley says almost the entire population is considered unreached by the Gospel. People who leave Islam to follow Jesus often face persecution from their own families. Read a prayer request about religious freedom in the June 22 entry here.

World Mission supplies these believers with solar-powered audio Bibles in Arabic and French. Kelley says, “What we’ve seen is over 30 house churches developed just in the last year. It’s amazing when we think about a country like Mauritania. The power of the Word of God to transform hearts is very much at work.”

Pray these Christian leaders will be safe, and that Jesus will transform Mauritania into a land of peace.



Header image courtesy of David Peterson from Pixabay.

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