Mayhem in Bolivia creates an on-the-spot ministry.

By October 17, 2003

Bolivia (MNN)–Anti-government demonstrators marched in major cities around Bolivia demanding the resignation of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, who has insisted he will not step down.

The capital city has been paralyzed by three weeks of protests in Bolivia. Clashes there have left more than 60 people dead and dozens of others injured.

Workers have been demonstrating against the government and its free-market policies. Violence peaked Sunday and Monday during protests against a government plan to export natural gas to the United States and Mexico.

World Vision’s Andres Vera spoke with us from his office in La Paz. Only eight blocks from the conflict, he explains they’re, “…giving food and medicines to approximately 300 people that have been stranded on the bus station. They’ve been there for about eight days; helping the main hospitals in La Paz and El Alto (with medicines, medical supplies and oxygen), and we are trying to talk to the leaders in both sides to sign a peace treaty.”

Vera says the deadly clashes opened a door for a different ministry. “We are showing people God’s mercy and God’s love through the things we are donating, through the hope we are giving and telling them that God loves them.”

Please pray for their staff’s safety and that the situation is resolved soon.

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