Despite persecution, an evangelist moves forward, undaunted.

By October 17, 2003

India (MNN)–Although not reported in mainstream media, Christian agencies confirm rumors of a rise in harassment. Some ministry leaders say the rise corresponds to a growing Hindu nationalist sentiment. That is being played out in the courts and in the parliament, where anti-conversion laws are causing some consternation among believers.

Sammy Tippit will be in Tamil Nadu, a state where anti-conversion legislation passed last summer.

Tippit says the purpose of his trip is three-fold. “I will be speaking to Christian pastors and leaders trying to equip them and challenge them in revival and provide leadership training. Secondarily, I’ll be meeting with some of our partners that we have over there that use our digital evangelism equipment. And, then the third thing is we hope to meet with some broadcasting people who will perhaps broadcast our messages throughout India.”

Tippit says it’s impossible for him to hold large evangelistic meetings. He says, “A couple of years ago I preached at a large evangelistic meeting, that’s not being permitted at this time. Visas are being denied. People are not being allowed to hold open and public meetings.” So, Tippit says, the work is totally in the hands of national believers. “If India’s going to be reached for Christ with the climate spiritually, religiously and politically that’s there, then we must enable the local people to do that work.”

Tippit’s prayer is that whatever his team does there will result in millions of people in India turning to Christ .

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