McCain and Obama supporters differ greatly

By October 20, 2008

USA (MNN) — In a poll conducted by Barna Research Group in conjunction with Compassion International, the priorities of fighting poverty and fighting terror are highly debated. Views varied greatly, especially between supporters of John McCain and supporters of Barak Obama.

The poll showed large differences in priorities between the Democratic and Republican parties. The survey was taken from 1005 adults. Results are as follows:

80 percent of McCain supporters placed higher priority on fighting the war on terror than the effort to end global poverty. 30 percent of Obama supporters shared this view, along with 40 percent of undecided voters.

On the other hand, 11 percent of McCain supporters placed fighting extreme poverty as a higher priority than fighting the war on terror. 45 percent of Obama supporters agreed.

Compassion does not believe that those who place ending poverty at a lower priority necessarily see it as a non-issue, however. Rather, the views likely differ in terms of U..S government involvement in ending world poverty.

This is why Compassion International has taken things into their own hands and is working to end global poverty child by child. Although it seems that Compassion would like to see our next president reach out across U.S. borders and satisfy other impoverished people, Compassion has had their own hand in the process by reaching over 1 million children with their ministry.

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