Media raises awareness of orphans in Ethiopia, overwhelming needs persist

By June 3, 2010

Ethiopia (MNN) — Adoptions from overseas to the U.S. are decreasing, except to one country: Ethiopia. And with an estimated five million orphans and vulnerable children, according to the United Nations, increased adoptions could be one step in the right direction.

Much of this increase comes from high-profile adoptions by celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, and books, such as "There Is Not Me Without You" by Melissa Faye Green. This raised media attention and awareness about the crisis, according to Johnny Carr, the national director of church partnerships at Bethany Christian Services.

With this raised awareness, orphanages cropped up around the country, with as many as six or seven in some cities. However, these have touched few of Ethiopia's orphans, and Bethany sees them as only a temporary solution.

So, connecting churches in the U.S. with churches in Ethiopia, Bethany is helping children receive finances, find loving and nurturing families, and become part of caring communities. Most importantly, their actions are showing kids the unconditional love of Christ and how much He cares about each and every one of them.

Bethany knows that if more churches like these do not intervene, the future of many Ethiopian children is in grave danger.

Your church can join this alliance to give these kids hope for their futures. Visit Bethany's Web site to join today.

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