Sponsorships, survival, and shelters still needed in Uganda

By June 3, 2010

Uganda (MNN) — The Ugandan Parliament has given the government permission to seek out loans for over 162 million USD (sh324 billion) to reduce poverty throughout rural areas of the country, according to AllAfrica News. Around 1.4 million Ugandans would benefit from these loans.

Such a need is not only overwhelming; it is almost impossible to fathom. However, putting names and faces to the need begins to help one grasp that there are so many people living in deep poverty, faced with death daily, in just Uganda alone.

Dr. Max Lange of Childcare Worldwide cannot get the faces of one family out of his head, even a month after he has been back from a visit there.

"I've seen much poverty in the 30 years of the existence of our ministry. But this is one of those stories which really stays with you and really moves you, because it is so, so heartbreaking," Lange said.

The story he speaks of is the story of Florence and her family. The 50-year-old woman cares for five children 14 and under, two of whom are her grandchildren. While Florence tries to provide for her family by washing clothes, it is not enough, and the oldest child is forced to work instead of attend school.

Up to this point, Childcare Worldwide has been able to assist the family with two Survival Paks per month, containing food with the nutrients they need.

However, their situation, like many other Ugandans, is still desperate. The home they have can hardly be called a shack, and with an extreme climate of heavy rains and intense heat, it does not protect them from much.

"I wish I could show pictures of this to our listeners and give them some inclination of what it must be like. But I would like to ask our listeners to step forward and consider sponsoring one of those lovely children," Lange said.

Childcare Worldwide wants to build Florence and her family a new home. Click here to help, whether through the building of their home or sponsoring one of the children. Or, you can sponsor another child through Childcare Worldwide. It costs just $35 per month.

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