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By December 1, 2014
Photo by Pioneers

(Photo by Pioneers)

Middle East (MNN) — We’ve all felt walls deterring us from introducing Jesus to those who don’t know Him.

These walls in the Middle East are made of explosive materials. To breach them is to risk your life.

Pioneers USA identifies four groups of people who are affected by war, cultural oppression, and religious intolerance. These are victims of war, women at risk, persecuted communities, and those seeking the truth about God in Muslim countries.

The activity of ISIS and their conflict with Syria complicates matters.

Nathan Burns of Pioneers says, “I just want to remind everyone of those current events, because it’s that kind of conflict that makes it really, really difficult to get into Arab countries right now–especially those countries that have very little access to the Gospel: that is Iraq, that is Syria.”

Pioneers USA isn’t giving up because it’s dangerous. They are simply using the tools God’s provided to the modern world: media. Here is some background about their ministry called Arab World Media as part of their Love Never Fails initiative.

By using various forms of media on the internet, Pioneers is bypassing barriers that prevent people from hearing about Christ.

Burns says, “We’re finding that many Arab Muslims today are very connected, especially the youth. And through media, we can go places where no one else can go.”

He says these groups in particular have specific needs not being met in their regular life.

Women at risk, for instance, are not allowed to leave their house. They have no community, and no one from the outside can connect with them. However, media can. Through the arm of media Pioneers has set up, women can connect with each other through chat rooms, they can learn about Jesus, and they can find someone to help them out of their situation. This is possible because of the structure Pioneers already has established worldwide.

Persecuted communities on the fringes of violent conflict also are hard to reach. It’s dangerous for outsiders to enter these places, but media has no trouble.

People wondering who God really is can find out safely through the internet.

And Pioneers has high hopes for this ministry focus. Burns says, “We think our media outreach this year will reach about 1.5 million victims of war.”

Pioneers is using Google Ad Words to get the resources in sight of those who need them. A Syrian refugee might search “Who is God, really?” and come across an ad for Arab World Media that will help them find their answer.

Pioneers has already seen a lot of activity on their Web site from Syrian refugees living in other countries.

This media includes a variety of videos, forums and chat rooms, short films on relevant topics, articles, and Bible studies.

These Arab people are coming from a background where they know about Jesus but don’t know who He really is. It can be difficult to read familiar topics that ask them to put their faith in a Savior.

“They have to grapple through that, and as they wrestle with that, we’re there: first in chat rooms and online forums, but then over the telephones. And eventually as people become serious about following the Jesus of the Bible and not the Jesus of the Koran, we can connect them with people on the ground,” Burns explains.

In the next year, Pioneers has a goal of raising $400,000 that will help them produce strong content.

To contribute to that, click here.

“I think the unique thing about this project is that from the U.S., we are able to reach millions of victims of war, women at risk, persecuted communities, seekers who are locked away in areas where no believer can go right now,” says Burns.

He asks you to pray in three ways. First, that the money would be raised. Second, he asks you to pray that God would maintain media networks despite the war. If these remain intact, then no matter how bad things get, people will still have access to the life-giving materials offered by Arab World Media. Finally, ask God to go ahead of their media messages and work in people’s hearts to prepare them to hear the truth about Jesus.

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