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By December 1, 2014


Children in Irkutsk, Russia receive Gift of Hope boxes (2013).

Children in Irkutsk, Russia receive Gift of Hope boxes (2013).

USA (MNN) — In Russia alone, there are more than 700,000 children who are considered orphans. These are children who are in an orphanage, relying on the government to take care of them. In Ukraine, that number appears to be 100,000, and it is increasing because of the conflict with Russia.

This year, Mission Eurasia (formerly Russian Ministries) wants to give orphans a Christmas they’ll never forget. Through their Gift of Hope program, they hope to raise enough money to deliver 80,000 Christmas gifts to poor and orphaned children.

President of Mission Eurasia Sergey Rakhuba says, “Because of this crisis between Russia and Ukraine, there are thousands and thousands of these refugee kids. Help us to deliver a true Gift of Hope into the hands of these suffering children in refugee camps, orphanages, and poor communities.”

How does the program work? Rakhuba says, “We are raising funds in the United States, working with generous followers of Jesus who want to help these hurting children in Russian, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and other countries.”

The money is raised and sent to churches in these countries, giving them the tools they need for orphan ministry at Christmas.

Why is it needed? Can you imagine being an orphaned child wondering if you’ll get any attention on Christmas? Rakhuba says, “Just think what happens in the heart of a boy or a girl who starts thinking somebody cares for him. That gift opens the door of a new perspective, so for the future there is God who gave who gave His only Son–the greatest Gift of all.”

This is the platform that allows churches into orphanages. Rakhuba says, “They can then follow up with these children over the next year.”

Anastasia Yoder at 3 1/3 and today.

Anastasia Yoder at age 3 1/3, and today.

Mission Network News is heavily involved in this program. The daughter of MNN Executive Director Greg Yoder is adopted from Russia. In 2012, Anastasia heard about the Gift of Hope program and wanted to raise enough money to buy a gift for each child in her former orphanage. She raised $5,000. Last she raised nearly $7,000. You can help Anastasia here: http://www.YouCaring.com/giftofhope.

Rakhuba says this story warms his heart. A child without hope in Irkutsk, Russia, is adopted by a family in the United States in 2002. In 2012, Christ working in her life motivated Anastasia to raise money to help children in her birth city to not only receive a gift at Christmas, but to receive something much better: the Gift of Hope.

Mission Eurasia has a goal of 80,000 gifts this year. You don’t have to do it all. Just do what you can. Each gift costs $25 which includes a box filled with toys, treats, and God’s Word. Give as the Lord leads.

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