Medical Ambassadors International grows ministry in Guatemala.

By June 16, 2005

Guatelmala (MNN)–Central America is back in the limelight with trade issues taking prominence.

The proposed Central America Free Trade Act, or CAFTA cleared its first hurdle this week as the Senate Finance Committee recommended the deal’s passage.

The deal would address economic issues facing the poverty-stricken nation of Guatemala. But the promised profitability would not be immediate.

Addressing the immediate concerns, Medical Ambassadors International says they’re branching ministry into Guatemala.

MAI’s Dr. Hugo Gomez (pictured here) has been meeting for some time with the Guatemalan Health Department, the leading university, and the Evangelical Alliance on a national health initiative called “Rescue Guatemala.”

As a result, they have decided to use Community Health Evangelism (CHE) as the rescue plan. CHE is soon to be launched nationwide.

This program seeks to transform individual lives physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually in local communities by meeting people at their point of need.

The program may start by teaching adults how to read. Once CHEs have graduated they begin to share these truths in their villages with their neighbors. They may organize the people in their communities to protect a number of springs in the area which bring the people good water, thereby greatly reducing sickness and death.

Each of the CHEs regularly visits up to 30 neighboring families, impacting more than 400 people. When CHEs share Christ with their neighbors about 35-40% accept Christ as their Savior and Lord. Since CHEs are sharing with their neighbors it is easy to help them begin and mature in their walk with Christ.

This is an opportunity to transform a nation for Christ. Pray for Dr. Gomez as he begins the strategic work to spread CHE across the entire country of Guatemala.

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