Technology advances global Bible translation work.

By June 16, 2005

International (MNN)–Advancements in technology are making global Scripture distribution a reality. The World Bible Translation Center hopes success follows the launch of the Arabic New Testament “Talking Bible” project.

With the development of MP3 players and similar recording devices, the next step is to make the complete Bible available on these digital media.

By working with ministries equipped to produce the New Testament and Bible in these formats, WBTC will be able to reach people who might not have access to the written text. World Missions’ “Talking Bible” team is working with WBTC to produce the Arabic New Testament in a self-contained rechargeable audio player for use in the Middle East.

The Center is still raising funds not only for the Arabic project, but also future language projects. The staff is working within Egypt, Sudan and other Arabic-speaking countries delivering New Testaments, Bibles, Scripture portions, CD-roms and digital recording devices.

Pray for their safety. A separate team is working on the Old Testament translation. Continue to pray that their work will be uninterrupted.

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