Medical assessment team hits the ground running

By January 15, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti's hospitals
collapsed in Tuesday's devastating quake. Primitive conditions are making medical treatment almost impossible for
the thousands of survivors.   

The International Red Cross estimates a third of the country's 9 million
people may need emergency aid.

On Thursday, a spokesman for the
American Red Cross says the aid organization ran out of medical supplies in Haiti.

There are reports of people dying from injuries that are easily treated. Bodies are piled in the streets, adding to
what may become a fight to stave off disease before the crisis is over.

Steve Bostian, executive director
in the Dominican Republic with
CURE International, is leading a 5-member surgical team in the
area. Including Bostian, the team consists of: Dr. Scott Nelson,
orthopedic surgeon; Dr. Dielika Charlier, a Haitian pediatrician; Lucia Hernandez,
a nurse; and Susan Beemer, nurse anesthetist.

The CURE team will establish a base at the
home of Dr. Charlier's mother and coordinate with organizations on the ground
to provide medical care to Haitians. Bostian explains why it's so
strategic. "We have located a home that apparently has minimal damage, and
it's only five houses down from the pediatric hospital that collapsed."

Thousands are buried in the
rubble. Understanding that people want to help, Bostian says, "We first want to go in with the
professionals that have done this, do the assessment, and then we'll know how
many doctors and nurses we can bring down."

Their plane will be carrying
500 pounds of medical equipment. The AES
Electric Company in neighboring Dominican Republic stepped in to help CURE.  "They're donating an
electrical generator, food, clean water, and medical supplies." Arrangements are currently being made to get this equipment into the county.

The hope of the Gospel doesn't go
unnoticed by those who receive help. "They really understand the spiritual impact
that 'God must have sent you.' When the dust
settles, people start to ask those questions, 'Why did you do that?' then you
have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them."

Your prayer is needed for the
CURE team members, as well as for those they're reaching. For those who can help earthquake
victims financially, CURE has established a donation fund to provide relief for Haitians.

You can donate in one of two
ways: Click here to give an online donation. Or you can make a contribution by phone. Simply text
CURE to 85944 to give a $10 mobile gift.

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