Medical ministry nears goal of reaching 1 million mothers and children

By February 21, 2012

International (MNN) — Moms and children play two vital roles in the world. Kids will grow up to be the future leaders, innovators, parents, teachers, doctors and more. Moms help train their kids to do all these things well and ethically.

In poor regions of the world, however, children can't always dream as they should, and mothers can't always care for their families as they wish they  could. The world's most impoverished areas have some of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, and quality healthcare is scarce.

One of Medical Teams International's passions is taking care of children under five, as well as new mothers to lower this healthcare imbalance. By providing training and other assistance, Medical Teams International is able to boost health, and spread the Gospel.

Take Nias, Indonesia, for instance. Medical Teams International recently began work on the island.

"The goal there is basically to reduce the mortality and the morbidity of children under five and women of reproductive age in three sub-districts of Nias, and to improve health behaviors within the community," explains Bill Essig with Medical Teams International.

The ministry has started a child survival program on the mostly-Christian island and is already working with over 100,000 people.

A big part of the work, says Essig, is training. "Training people on basic hygiene and sanitation, food preparation and nutrition, and basic primary healthcare, so that moms can take care of their kids and their families, and they don't have to grow up with some of the exposure to the childhood illnesses which, in many cases, claim so many lives."

Medical Teams International wants to take this training and assistance as far as they possibly can to reach families with healthcare and the Gospel. That's why last year, the ministry launched an astronomical campaign.

"We started this about a year ago, and we had a goal to try and reach as many moms and children as we could–especially those who are in vulnerable situations in the various countries where we work as Medical Teams International," says Essig. "So we challenged ourselves to try to raise $2.35 million to help 1 million people. If you do the math on that, a gift of about $23.50 will help us reach out to and provide care for 10 children and mothers."

The campaign targets about 20 projects, primarily in Africa, East Asia, Eurasia and Latin America. So far, says Essig, "We have raised about $2,066,000, so that translates into helping about 879,480 people."

The ministry has been able to help an awful lot of mothers and children, and they want to be able to reach even more. But they can't do it alone. Your help is needed to contribute, pray, volunteer, and raise awareness.

Children are the future of the world, and mothers are caring for that future. To play a vital role in building these precious people up in the Kingdom through healthcare, visit and get involved.

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