Medical team in tsunami finding many in need

By January 27, 2005

India (MNN) — A team of medical professionals from the United States is reaching out to meet the needs of the tsunami victims in India in Jesus Name. Operation Mobilzation is sponsoring a medical clinic to help.

According to OM’s Peter Dance, “The team is awed by the amount of devastation from the disaster as entire neighborhoods are completely gone and the people simply ‘hang out’ on their property – unable to believe they’ve lost everything.”

Many wonder if they should they rebuild? Should they clean up? Will the government allow them to stay in the same location? They’re paralyzed by the whole situation.

The team, coupled with OM national workers, and Indian medical staff, set up a medical clinic in one area, but according to Dance, “What they need most is psychological care. Some make up symptoms just so they can talk to us. They need our attention – not our medications.”

Pray that as they talk to these people many will come to Christ.Keep praying for the team as they travel throughout the tsunami affected areas.

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