MENA Leadership Center offers three new courses

By September 19, 2022

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — September marks a new school year for students and faculty across the education spectrum. It’s also a new beginning for learners in a nontraditional classroom.

MENA Leadership Center equips Gospel workers across the Middle East/North Africa region. “Starting in September, we have three new courses,” Vice President Fadi Sharaiha says.

“One is on how to grow the digital church. You have established your digital church; now, how do you grow? What are the best practices; what you need to grow through digital engagement and social media-based evangelism, etc.,” he continues.

“Another course focuses on multiplying organization impact, and the third course is dear to my heart – course design strategies: how to do online teaching and training.”

(Photo courtesy MENA Leadership Center)

Like many business leaders worldwide, Gospel workers discovered the benefits of an online social and work environment during the pandemic.

“They can reach more people; it’s less expensive. They have been training on evangelism, discipleship, and so many things. But now they can do this more professionally,” Sharaiha says.

“We are working with ministries on online training and using the best LMS, which is the Learning Management System. There are so many LMS worldwide, but [we are teaching leaders] how to choose the right one for ministry.”

Why does this matter?

A recent survey found that Christian ministries across the MENA region have significant professional and personal gaps. If believers could access proper training and development, their improvements would lead to a more significant Kingdom impact.

MENA Leadership Center exists to bridge these gaps. Help equip Christian leaders in the MENA here.

“Please pray for us as we navigate those (new) courses and as we do the recruitment that the Lord will help us to choose the right people,” Sharaiha requests.

“We have so many people applying. We want to ensure we are choosing the right people to impact their ministries, thus impacting the Kingdom of God.”




Header and story images courtesy of MENA Leadership Center.