Mid-East peace process on edge of collapse; believers remain to help heal.

By January 22, 2007

Lebanon (MNN)– Hezbollah-led opposition is likely to step up their effort to topple the government in Lebanon next week.

Senior opposition officials believe there will be a call for a general strike next week. That has led to Arab League leaders urging restraint and asking Lebanese leaders not to escalate the situation into further aggression.

Even while the diplomats struggle to find a way to resolve the mounting crisis that threatens to destabilize the rest of the Middle East, World Vision continues assisting nearly 100,000 people living in war-damaged homes.

Many homes are not repaired to provide enough shelter for the occupants to survive winter conditions in Lebanon. WVI teams stepped in to deliver aid to more than 15-thousand families.

They are receiving blankets, linens, fuel vouchers, plastic sheeting, heaters and cooking stoves. In South Lebanon, World Vision teams helped provide clean water to more than 112,000 villagers.

Their staff in Lebanon continues to serve as the hands and feet of Christ to the families and children in their nine program areas. Click here if you want to help.

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